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Friday, October 29, 2010

Support Groups

I say it all the time, that having a partner can significantly increase your chances of having a successful weight loss and reaching all of your health goals.

My recommendations are; spouse, friend, sister, brother, mother, neighbor, nutrition coach or personal trainer. If you feel that none of those are an option for you, or you want even MORE support, then find a support group. A walking group, running group, or fit club (usually free) in your area. You can look on several websites for groups in your area, craigslist.org and meetup.com are 2 very helpful sites to find groups on. (little disclaimer here: make sure they are real, legit, safe groups. Check backgrounds, research and do your homework first, before showing up for a meeting)

Do go-it alone! Find help, support and other like-minded people to be on this journey with you!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Question and Answer

Q: Do you ever make separate meals for your family or kids?

A: No. However, I do make a different version of certain meals for myself because I am a vegetarian and no one else is in my house.
I cook ground turkey,turkey burgers or chicken breasts 2-3 times a week. On those days, I usually just modify the recipe for myself. For example this week I made chicken breasts, brown rice and veggies for dinner on Monday. Instead of chicken, I made lentils for myself and put that on my brown rice with veggies. It was a simple, clean eating fix.
I don't think that parents should make 'kid' vs. 'adult' meals. This teaches your kids that they don't have to eat what you cook for the house. They don't have to eat healthy foods. FOOD IS FOOD! It shouldn't be chicken and broccoli for adults and then macaroni & cheese with hot dogs for the kids. Why would you want your kids to eat that junk? Shouldn't they have the same clean foods you have in your diet? The earlier you teach them how to eat, what to eat and how to prepare it, the better off they will be at making good choices as they get older and the more likely they will be to make healthy choices when they are away from you.

So many of us carry our bad food habits from our childhood, and the foods we grew up on. Let's not pass that tradition on to our kids. Make clean healthy meals for the whole family. Make a menu up for the week and have your kids participate on making a healthy menu for the whole family. Get a kid friendly, clean eating cookbook (yes, they are out there) and you can make it a fun, family involved event every week, to help choose healthy meals for the family.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Have you ever said 'I will start on Monday', 'I will workout when things calm down in my life', 'There is always tomorrow', 'I will start my diet TOMORROW' 'I don't have time', 'I don't have support'????

Any of those phrases sound familiar?

If you have read my blog before, then you know that I am not a fan of excuses. They are wasted time & breath.

All the things that your body does for you, breathing, beating heart, pumping blood, regulating temperature, cleaning blood, all of your senses, supporting your weight, and the various other things your body does for you on a daily basis. What do you do for your body in exchange? Do you fill your body with saturated fat, sugar, cholesterol, sodium, trans-fats, and processed foods as a thank you? Are you telling yourself lies & excuses?

Your body will only work so long, without something in exchange, and I don't mean medications and excuses.

Stop the excuses, set goals, and start TODAY!

-Find or hire an accountability coach. This can be a spouse, friend, nutrition coach, personal trainer, or a family member.

-Set goals. Write them down and put them somewhere that is visible to everyone.

-Clean out your refrigerator and pantry. You and your accountability coach can do this together. Throw out all processed junk foods and replace with whole, clean foods and beverages.

-Pick your exercise method. Whether you join a gym, buy a treadmill or join a walking group, just pick a method and make sure you let your accountability coach know what method you have chosen.

-Exercise 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes a day.

-Kick bad habits. Smoking, excessive drinking, medications, or any other habit that is causing your body damage.


Use these tips as a starting point, and build from there. Remember that you only have one body, treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Either start working for your body, and stop making excuses or don't plan too far into the future.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Question and Answer

Q: Do you ever have days or even a week that you just don't feel like working out? Do you ever skip workouts?

A: YES! I have days and sometimes a full week where I just don't feel like working out. I do skip workouts. I have been known to skip 5-7 days straight of workouts. It's not all the time, but it does happen. I am a busy mom of 4 kids and I can relate to many busy parents, women and men, who have days where working out just is not an option. However I do believe that you can only use that 'excuse' so many days before it becomes a routine to skip your workouts and fill that time with something else. That is an easy thing to do, since there is always something that needs to be done. I have days like many people where I have to force myself, give myself a pep talk, or call my accountability coach to get me back on track.

Remember it's easier to stay on track with your exercise, nutrition and health goals if you have a partner or coach.

Never give up! If you have skipped working out for a week, month, or a year... you can still get back on track. It's never too late to make your health a top priority!!

Keep the questions coming! Email me at positivenutritionmom@gmail.com

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Haven't tried Shakeology yet?

There are several reasons that I recommend this product to clients, friends, & family. I use it, I believe it has MANY health benefits, helps aid in healthy weight loss, you feel energized, improves digestion & regularity, gluten free, caffeine free, 17 grams of protein, has essential amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins & nutrients, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, prebiotics, super fruit blend, probiotics, and the list goes on and on!!

I love Shakeology, it has changed my life, my health, my well being. I have never come across another product with so many nutrition benefits for only 140 calories.

Now is the time to try Shakeology. Sign up to be a Beachbody coach and the fee ($40) is WAIVED until Dec 31, 2010!! All of your Shakeology orders are 25% off of normal cost!!

Shakeology has an empty bag, money-back GUARANTEE! You have nothing to lose!

Email me or visit nutritionmomfitness.com for more information. To purchase Shakeology go to myshakeology.com/nutritionmom

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Question and Answer

Q: How many servings of fruits & vegetables do you recommend eating daily?

A: Fruits and vegetables have many benefits to your body. They are a good source of complex carbohydrates, full of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and water.
I recommend 3-5 (preferably closer to 5) servings of fruit a day. My recommendation for vegetables is 5-7 servings a day.

Remember that it really has to do with how you prepare your fruits and vegetables and what you add to them, that makes the big difference in the benefits of them.

Eating them raw is almost always best, as far as nutrients go. When you cook certain fruits and vegetables, they can lose their nutritional value. If you do cook your vegetables, quickly steam, or roast for a short while. Avoid boiling vegetables, because they lose many of their nutrients when boiled.

Not all fruits are created equal. Avocados for example are high in fat, and I don't recommend having more than 1 avocado a day. Bananas have a lot of natural fruit sugars, and I don't recommend having more than 1 a day.

Mix it up, have a variety of different fruits and vegetables, experiment with them. Look up new recipes, try different dishes, dips, and dressings.

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent addition to a very well rounded, healthy diet.

Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Health

What do you think when you go to the doctor for a check-up?
Are you patting yourself on the back for all the hard work, good diet, exercise, supplements, and good choices that you have made recently?
Are you regretting all the drinks, birthday cakes, McDonald's, late night trips through the drive-thrus, and sodas?

We are NOT invincible. Your choices will haunt you, the question is when.

This is real, life is short, medications are only temporary, and you are in control.

Stop playing the blame game with your health choices. This is not the fault of someone else, your job, your kids, lack of time, childhood, or really anything else.

This isn't just about what the scale says, how the pants feel and what compliments you receive. This is your life, & your health.

Take ownership of your choices!!

Make one of your goals to be healthier, not just lose weight. Getting healthy should be the ultimate goal with the side effect of weight loss. Weight loss is and should be a goal, but not at all costs.

Quick fixes will never yield good health.

Take control, make goals, find a partner, and work hard!!

Happy Saturday

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Question and Answer

Q: I have changed my lifestyle habits through diet and exercise, but I am having problems getting my husband to change the way he eats. How do you get your significant other to change their eating habits for the better?

A: You can't make anyone change. People are individuals with opinions, and ideas of their own. The choice has to be their own. You can take steps to at least encourage it.

If you are the primary cook in the house, you can make clean meals. Experiment with your significant others favorite meal, make it into a clean version. That sometimes is the turning point for some people. There are a lot of people out there that think eating clean means sacrificing good taste. Nothing could be further from the truth. By re-creating your significant others favorite dish, they might just realize that eating clean means not only doing good for your body but it also means good food!!

Also, by eating clean and exercising you will be feeling better, losing weight and getting tone. Your significant other will see the changes in your attitude, body and energy levels,and they will naturally want to be part of that change.

You can also sit down and have a conversation with your significant other and express your concerns about their health, longevity and well being. Be honest and tell them how you feel, how you want them to have quality of life and enjoy the activities that you enjoy. Communication might just be what is needed to get them to see how important this is to you.

If all else fails, then continue on with your healthy lifestyle and just live by example.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grocery List & Weekly Menu

I cannot stress enough about the importance of making a detailed menu for the week. Followed by making a detailed grocery list that is compromised of the foods that are on your menu for the week. NOTHING more!

Think about how much easier it would be to stay on track with your clean eating diet when you are armed with ALL clean food, an organized menu and no temptations in the house.

It can sound somewhat overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, then it becomes habit and routine.

I make my menu on Saturday or Sunday, I then clip coupons from the Sunday paper & print coupons off the computer, make my grocery list from the coupons I have and the menu I have made for the upcoming week. I am organized and ready for my shopping trip. Sometimes I do visit more than one store, depending on what is on my menu that week. It's very effective and an organized way to live a healthy, clean life.

Don't go grocery shopping without your clean eating list!! So many temptations surround you at the grocery store, from the moment you walk in, to the impulse buys at the checkout stand. Remember to eat before you go shopping, bring water, remember your list and stick to it!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hidden Sugar

One of my first recommendations to someone trying to lose weight and live healthier, is to cut out most of the sugar in their diet.

Most people think that means, donuts, kit-kats, soda, cocoa pebbles, or snickers, but it also means a lot of other foods that are in your everyday diet that are considered 'hidden' sugar.

Some examples of hidden sugar;
-Salad dressing
-Cereal (even the ones that aren't colored, and don't have marshmallows

If you are not sure if the food in your pantry has sugar, then go in and look at labels. Look for things like 'high fructose corn syrup', 'dextrose', 'sucrose', (and other words ending in 'ose'). Make sure that if these things are in your foods, then they are not one of the first 5 ingredients.

Hidden sugars are in SO many of the common foods that you wouldn't normally associate with being a high sugar food. Be a label reader. Spend an extra 1/2 hour at the store to be able to read the labels of the foods you are purchasing. It's the little things like this, that add up quickly and can either make or break a good diet.

Happy Monday!!