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Friday, October 29, 2010

Support Groups

I say it all the time, that having a partner can significantly increase your chances of having a successful weight loss and reaching all of your health goals.

My recommendations are; spouse, friend, sister, brother, mother, neighbor, nutrition coach or personal trainer. If you feel that none of those are an option for you, or you want even MORE support, then find a support group. A walking group, running group, or fit club (usually free) in your area. You can look on several websites for groups in your area, craigslist.org and meetup.com are 2 very helpful sites to find groups on. (little disclaimer here: make sure they are real, legit, safe groups. Check backgrounds, research and do your homework first, before showing up for a meeting)

Do go-it alone! Find help, support and other like-minded people to be on this journey with you!!

Happy Friday!

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EdinNJ said...

There's also the local non-profit, member-run TOPS support groups: