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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hidden Sugar

One of my first recommendations to someone trying to lose weight and live healthier, is to cut out most of the sugar in their diet.

Most people think that means, donuts, kit-kats, soda, cocoa pebbles, or snickers, but it also means a lot of other foods that are in your everyday diet that are considered 'hidden' sugar.

Some examples of hidden sugar;
-Salad dressing
-Cereal (even the ones that aren't colored, and don't have marshmallows

If you are not sure if the food in your pantry has sugar, then go in and look at labels. Look for things like 'high fructose corn syrup', 'dextrose', 'sucrose', (and other words ending in 'ose'). Make sure that if these things are in your foods, then they are not one of the first 5 ingredients.

Hidden sugars are in SO many of the common foods that you wouldn't normally associate with being a high sugar food. Be a label reader. Spend an extra 1/2 hour at the store to be able to read the labels of the foods you are purchasing. It's the little things like this, that add up quickly and can either make or break a good diet.

Happy Monday!!

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