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Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Parenting AND Good Nutrition

Good parenting and good nutrition used to go hand and hand. Mom was in the kitchen cooking, dad was working, mom was there to greet us when we got home from school, we had a healthy snack, help with our homework, played outside (what we consider exercise these days) then had a home cooked meal and settled in for the night.

What happened to those days?

Women stood up, spoke up and took charge of their own lives. Who says we have to stay home, cook dinner, sew our kids clothes, clean the house, change diapers & pour our husbands drinks?

That's right ladies, we have a voice now. We have a choice. Where does that leave our children? Does that mean we are bad mothers because we have decided to be wage earners instead of Betty Crocker's?

My answer: HeLL NO!! Why is there such a division between career and good parenting. More specifically, there does not need to be less good nutrition and exercise in our kids lives because we have decided (or need to) be career women.

Let's find a way to do BOTH without being victims to our lives (or economy or marriages).

A mother of 6 with a full time job can still find a way to feed her family (on a budget) in a healthy way.

Plan ahead and recruit help. Take the time on Sunday to plan your family's meal, shop for them, cook some of the ingredients ahead of time and require help from your kids and husband. If no one is willing to help you cook then make it mandatory that they clean up after dinner.

This can be done. You will look back and be so thankful that you did it. Not only did you provide healthy home cooked meals for your family, you also set an example for them.

Yes women are expected to do more in general, but that shouldn't be the way it is. Why aren't our kids & husbands helping us make sure we have healthy meals on the table?

This can go hand in hand again, we just have to make it a priority in our lives. Good nutrition ensures healthy parents AND children.

I want your thoughts on this subject of motherhood, career woman and being a wife.
What do you think?

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Happy Monday!

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