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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Weight Loss Story

If you've been reading my blog for some time then you have seen my That's Fit article.
I gained a lot of weight during my first pregnancy and continued to gain well after my daughter was born. I didn't ever realize it. I was unaware of how much I weighed, or really how I looked in the mirror. I was so preoccupied with being a first time mom and learning the in and outs of motherhood. I studied baby nutrition, toddler nutrition, baby games, activities etc. Yet I was clueless to mommy nutrition.
After a wake up call at my doctors office I changed everything. I cleaned out my pantry, restocked it, and picked up every book I could about nutrition, health and healthy weight loss. I safely lost the unhealthy weight and regained my energy & life.

Recently I have gone through some trying times in my life and put my nutrition on the back burning. A VERY common thing for moms to do in their busy, unpredictable lives.

Now that summer is over, the waters have calmed & life is more routine again, I have taken a long hard look in the mirror and on the scale.
While my diet has remained healthy and vegetarian, I turned to food for comfort & in social settings instead of being more conscience of how much I was actually consuming. Now after a few months I have realized I am about 10 pounds heavier (quite a bit on a small frame) and haven't been consistent with my workouts since the beginning of summer.

I have recommitted myself and changed my goals to fit.

I tell you this for a few reasons, one being that accountability is HUGE when you're trying to get healthy or lose weight. Being honest is something you have to get familiar with if you're going to take your weight loss journey seriously. Lastly it's to remind everyone that losing sight of your goal or temporarily slipping is human and to be expected in this crazy, busy, multi-tasking world we live in. What's important is that we notice it and decide to make a change.

If you're just starting on your journey, remember to start small and make strides everyday.
Take a walk one day, if you make it around the block then great. If you make it 2 blocks the next day, then even better. Instead of your grande mocha with an extra shot, maybe your order a skinny latte. It's the small things that add up to make a big difference.
That's Fit article: http://www.thatsfit.com/2010/05/13/nutrition-mom-lindsey-dropped-bad-habits-and-lost-50-pounds/

Happy Monday!

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