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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enjoying Dinner/ Family Time

One of the busiest times of day for most families is in the late afternoon to early evening. Kids are home from school, homework needs to get done, after school sports are often a priority, getting little ones settled down, catching up on laundry, picking up toys... and the list goes on and on. Some where no so long ago, a home cooked meal and a sit down dinner time used to be on that list. The option of fast food was not as common a choice and dinner time was the time families caught up with each other.
Now if there is a sit down dinner, it usually consists of processed foods, brightly colored fizzing drinks, cell phones, laptops, blasting TVs and various other forms of distractions.

Cooking and enjoying a healthy dinner with your family AT HOME doesn't have to be as hard as most people think. It's about planning ahead and preparation.
Crock pots can be a mom's best friend. Throw a few whole food ingredients in it, spices and water and press a button. By the time you get home from work or errands you have a prepared, hot, home cooked meal that took you 15 minutes in the morning to make. Another thing is having your meals planned out ahead of time. I keep a list on my fridge of what I am making on which days. It helps keep me aware and prepared. If I know I am making turkey spaghetti that night, then I know I have to defrost a pound of turkey and pick up a fresh loaf of whole grain french bread on my way home from what ever I am doing that day.

Use dinner time as a time to catch up and connect with your kids. Cell phones, TVs, computers and any other distraction should not be allowed to be on during family/dinner time. You'll find that at first your older kids will be hesitant, but will gradually learn to like the conversion & interaction with you.

Learn to truly enjoy dinner with your family. It can be a healthy change in all of your lives.

Happy Thursday!

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