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Friday, September 30, 2011


Have you ever really looked at the word "diet"? It has the work DIE in it. It's a strange word that is often taken out of context. It's now almost known as a bad word. Rarely is someone excited about the new "diet" they are on... and if they are excited it usually doesn't last long.

A diet is usually a short term way of eating with the hopes of the goal of losing a certain amount of weight. It usually involves eliminated an important food group, starvation, over eating, adding too much of a certain food group, eating or swallowing things that aren't even a food or taking pills.

A diet is the way that you eat. A diet should be a lifestyle change for the better, not a short term unhealthy way of eating to lose a certain amount of weight (only to gain it right back again once you're done with your DIE-T).

Food usually becomes a punishment, a bad thing (or at least certain foods) when on a diet. For example on the Atkins type diets its usually carbohydrates, (our bodies energy source)the bad evil food that we can't even look at or smell without gaining weight. So when we do eat a carbohydrate, we feel fat, guilty, bad, we end up associated carbohydrates as the evil enemy and we should be punished for thinking about consuming a piece of toast.
Is that any way to live?? Torturing yourself, denying your body of a natural source of energy?

My answer would have to be no on that one.

Instead of going on a "diet" lets think of food as a friend an ally in our lives. Food is energy, food is life and can be and is a really good healthy thing.

Instead try changing your habits. If you like junk food then don't completely cut it out, try crowding it out with other healthy foods. And once a week allow yourself that junk food without guilt or resentment.
If you like the occasional soda, then by all means, indulge and have your can of soda on Friday night... and maybe even one on Saturday. Don't let your sole reasoning for changing your habits be to lose weight, let your motivation come from wanting to live healthy & setting an example to the people around you, and the weight loss will be the added bonus.

If you're ready for a lifestyle change then don't wait another minute, don't wait for the new year or after the holidays, do it now. Get with partner, a friend or even your spouse and set some reasonable goals.

Happy & Healthy Friday!!

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