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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sample Menu & Exercise- Day 1

I often get asked what a day of my diet & exercise routine looks like, so here is a sample day.

5:00a-6:00a: Gym- Cardio for 30 minutes & weight training for 30 minutes

Breakfast (about 1 hour after the gym)- Egg whites w/ veggies, stuffed inside a pita pocket w/ salsa & avocado

Snack (about 2 hours after bfast)- Shakeology w/ fruit, almond milk & water

Lunch (about 3 hours after snack)- Blackbean soup w/ non-fat greek yogurt (as sour cream), a few slices of avocado, small sprinkle of low-fat cheese, and fruit

Snack (about 2 hours after lunch)- Small handful of almonds & a tangerine

Dinner (about 3 hours after snack)- Homemade Minestrone soup, a slice of whole wheat crusty bread, & small salad.

Snack (about 2 hours after dinner)- Apple with 1 tbsp of natural nut butter

With all of these meals and snacks I am drinking only water. I aim to get in at least 64 ounces a day. I also have a cup or 2 of coffee in the morning, and at night I will usually have a small cup of herbal tea about an hour before bed.

I average about 1500 calories a day, but some days are more than that.

Everyones needs are different. I do think that a diet should never fall below 1200 calories a day. You need to have enough calories to fuel your body and speed up your metabolism. Eat frequently and drink plenty of water.
Remember for most people it's about 80% Nutrition and 10% Exercise!

Happy Wednesday!

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