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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Parties

Planning to attend a holiday party in the near future? If so, plan ahead!

The holidays are a time that many people slip on their diets. There are temptations surrounding us EVERYWHERE. The office, home, friends homes, restaurants, and parties. We need to have a plan of action in order to be prepared and successful in our continuing efforts to eat clean.

Follow these tips to a successful holiday outing:

-Put in a GOOD workout the day of the party

-Eat enough good calories throughout the day to avoid sudden hunger

-Eat a small clean meal or snack before the party

-Drink plenty of water before the party

-Limit your alcoholic beverages to 1 at most (we tend to eat more, and the wrong foods after a few drinks)

-If you do choose to eat at the party, fill your plate with veggies, fruits, nuts and lean meats.

Be prepared before taking off. Never go to a party hungry! Remember you are in control of your health.

If you do slip, and eat too much or all the wrong foods, don't worry. Plan to eat clean, and exercise the rest of the week. It's not the end of the world, we all have our days, our slip ups, and we can't get into the habit of beating our selves up over it.

Happy Tuesday!

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