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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Question & Answer

I was so looking forward to answering your questions and delivering them on a short youtube video today, but as luck would have it, it was a snow day and ALL the kids were home. Busy day, busy home. All is well though, I will be doing a video one way or another this week. Be sure to check my youtube channel.
I had a lot of questions to choose from this week, and picked a few at random. Here we go...

Q: Do you take appointments with nutrition clients in your home or do you have an office?

A: I liked this one. I have never been asked this from someone that wasn't a local client. I will and do meet with some people in my house. Sometimes over coffee, lunch. It all depends, and most people are ok with phone meetings, email, and I am looking to set up other means of communication. Groups, & workshops in the near future.

Q: How do you resist temptations during the holidays?

A: I don't resist all temptations, and I don't expect anyone else to either. You can't be 100% perfect especially around the holidays. The key is to not give up. For example; lets say you pig out on Thanksgiving, and eat poorly for the next 3 days. Don't just give up on your clean eating diet because you slipped a bit. Get back up. Throw all the junk out, stock your shelves with clean foods, and dust off the treadmill. This isn't time to give up and wait for your new years resolution, this is time to be an adult, admit a little slip, and make it right.

Q: You suggest that people make dream boards and display them in their homes as inspiration. Do you have a dream board in your home?

A: Yes. I have many dreams, and goals that I work towards and am confident will become a reality. I have many goals that I have accomplished that have been on my dream/goal board. Get a big cork board and start posting pictures, sayings, dreams, goals and anything else that might inspire you!!

There were so many questions, I am going to write you all back if your questions didn't make the blog today. Keep them coming!!!! I love all of your feedback and questions!

Happy Wednesday!

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