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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Having goals is very important to your health, weight, life, work, and many other aspects to your life.

To make a goal tangible, write it down. Circle it, then list all of the things it will take to accomplish that goal! Work towards that goal OFTEN! Make it a priority in your life.

I have clients always start by writing down goals. Whether they are weight loss, fitness, or health goals.

For example recently I had a woman who wanted to 'lose 50 pounds' and 'be free of high blood pressure medication for good'
Then she listed the things it would take to reach those goals; 'workout 5 times a week' 'follow menu plan & grocery list' 'contact nutrition coach daily' 'seek advice and help from those around me' 'further educate myself about nutrition labels' and 'involve my family'

It was a realistic and attainable goal for this client, she not only set good goals but good ways of reaching those goals.

She is well on her way to reaching her goals and I am very proud of the work she has put into achieving her health goals.

Setting good goals for everything in your life is healthy and important. It keeps you accountable, and organized.

Happy Wednesday!

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