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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kids and Breakfast

I often write about kids and nutrition. I am very motivated to not only change the way that adults eat, but also what we are feeding our children to fuel their bodies. It's a fact that for the first time in history kids may not survive their parents due to overeating disorders and obesity. That to me is just down right scary and 100%preventable. Let's start off by talking about breakfast.
Most kids will identify breakfast as eggs & sausage or bacon, brightly colored cereals, waffles drowning in a sea of syrup or nothing at all sometimes.
This to me is so disturbing and shocking! How can we not give our kids the best start possible to their days? Why would I load my child up on artificial flavors, neon color dyes, and sugar? What will that do to my child's body? How will that fuel their bodies and give them the sustained energy they need to learn, play, run, and be creative?
Encourage your kids to not eat junk food for breakfast. A great way to do this is to not provide it for them in your own home.
I rarely keep sugar coated cereals in my house and if the are here it is not because I purchased them. I teach my kids what a serving of syrup is on a waffle, I also tell them that they need to incorporate a fruit (of their choice) in breakfast. I offer hot options when there is time, which include oatmeal (plain, nothing added), eggs, soy sausage, whole wheat bagels, and of course there is always fresh fruit.

Keep in mind that the lessons we teach our kids about food and nutrition when they are young they will carry with them into adulthood.

Happy Monday!

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