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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food temptations

Yesterday I posted on Positive Nutrition's Facebook page and asked what every ones food temptation were. I had quite a bit of feedback, everyone naming off their biggest temptations. Today I asked how often everyone gave into those temptations....NOTHING so far!

Be honest about when and how often you give into temptation, do not make it a shameful secret. The more you hide the less you will be able to deal with it head on.

I have written before about cravings and temptations. I have them from time to time. I am human and do crave the things I used to eat. If there is something I feel I must have then I get it, I read the serving size, I eat it, then I move on. No beating myself up, no regret, no thinking how long it will take me to work it off, I just move on. It makes it much easier to feel good about myself. It is all about moderation in my life. Do I eat cookies from time to time, YES. But I limit it to one cookie (or the serving size) and then I get back to clean, healthy eating. I usually give into temptation 1-2 times a month. It does not need to be shameful or secretive. If you can control it, then good. If you can't control it, then seek help from a nutrition coach who can help hold you accountable, put you on a plan, and help with moderation and portion control.

Find a balance in your life with food and exercise.

Happy Thursday!

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