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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exercising with Kids

Finding time to exercise when you have kids especially if you stay at home with them, can be challenging but not impossible.

Stay at home parents have many hats to wear. Cleaner, chef, mommy, doctor, wife... the list goes on and on. Often they fall to the bottom of that list including their health & exercise. I'm here to tell you, that unless you are putting yourself at the top of that list then it will eventually come crashing down. It's such a tough thing to be selfish enough to put yourself ahead of your family, but unless you do, you will find that it all suffers without you at your best. When you take care of yourself, physically, nutritionally, emotionally and mentally then you are better at taking care of your loved ones.

Finding time to exercise when you're a busy parent can be hard. Try to get your kids involved in your exercise. If you have an infant or toddler, you can either workout at home by using an exercise video or taking a walk or jog with a stroller. As your kids get older, have them ride a bike as you walk or jog. You can have family walks after dinner as well. You can ride bikes with your kids as they get older.

Don't let your children be your excuse for letting your good health fail.
Let them be a part of your healthy life. Teach them healthy lifestyle skills and habits.

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