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Friday, May 13, 2011

Question & Answer FRIDAY

I received many questions yesterday and had to choose one that I thought would be beneficial to readers. I will answer ALL of your emailed questions via email today though.

Q: Do you recommend any fasts that could get someone ready for Summer and get a jump start to continued weight loss?

A: I am not a fan of fasts or cleanses unless they some how incorporate actual healthy foods, a balanced diet and at least 1200 calories.
The reason is, I don't think that depriving your body of food is a good way to jump start your weight loss. When your body is deprived food for periods of time, it goes into what I like to call "starvation mode" and literally starts to store away the nutrients, fats, proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, thinking it needs to preserve anything it can because you are in short supply of food. It's the way our bodies were designed in order to protect themselves way back when, when there actually were shortages of food. So fasts and cleanses unless designed right, are just a waste of time and actually quite counter productive if you are trying to lose weight long term.

If you are looking to jump start your Summer weight loss and gain your good health back, then email me for a customized meal plan. Today through Monday May 16th, I am running a special of $5 off any 2 or 4 week plan. Don't miss out!!

Happy Friday!

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