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Monday, March 21, 2011

Health is Everything

The last few weeks have been especially stressful around our house. We are packing, cleaning, moving, switching schools.. etc. Yet with all that is going on around us, and MANY children and adults around us being very sick with colds & flu's, we have all remained very healthy. The kids have not missed a day of school this entire year. We are so blessed with our good health this year.

Despite all the stresses around us in the last few months, the bottom line and the only thing that really truly matters in the end is our health.
It has made me appreciate our good eating habits, vitamin taking, and exercise routines so much more. Everyday that we choose to eat right, exercise and take supplements, we are choosing to live healthy lives.

If you are ready to live a healthy life and reap the many benefits, start small. Don't get overwhelmed by all that you need to change. Every little change has a big impact on your health.

Make small changes in the beginning. Drink more water, take a walk, fill your dinner plate with more vegetables and less meat, read labels, find support, set goals. Choose 1 thing a week that you will change and stick to it!

Happy Monday!

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Victor said...

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