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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Grocery carts ...

As I stand there in line with all of my groceries on the belt waiting for the person in front of me to pay, I always glance over at the grocery cart behind me to see what the person has in their cart. I guess I am sort of a cart judge-er... I know it's bad but it's weird how that can get me thinking so much.

Yesterday as I was shopping, I notice a woman behind me with her daughter in her cart, busy on the phone, and starting to load her items on the belt behind mine. She loaded hotdogs, lunchables, soda, pastries (a lot like twinkies), Kool-Aid packets, frozen corndogs, frosted flake cereal, and various other items, but not one fruit or vegetable. This is where I get to thinking... I then try to look at the individual and figure out if they look happy, fit, or healthy. None of these applied to this woman. She looked unhappy, out of shape and not the picture of health. I then think about what led her to these food choices she has made. Maybe she was raised on some of these foods, maybe it's what her spouse likes, maybe she doesn't know how to cook, maybe she works 2 jobs, maybe she is depressed, or maybe she knows better but chooses to eat this way because that is simply what she wants to do.

These thoughts puzzle me and I then think of how much happier people are when they feed their bodies with whole foods, how they feel better physically and mentally, how much more balanced a life can be when the most simple of change like food can makes such an amazing difference in life.

It makes me want to change as many lives as I can through knowledge about food & nutrition. It makes my passion for my career so much stronger. I love what I do, I love helping, teaching, and learning more.

Tips to a better grocery shopping experience:
-Make a detailed list based off of your meal plan for the week before leaving the house
-Eat before going shopping
-Make a commitment to stick to the list in your hand
-Try to shop without kids but if you have to bring your kids then ask them to be your helper (loading the cart etc)

Happy Wednesday!!

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