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Monday, March 14, 2011

Eat To Live

It's so common in today's world to eat for pleasure, for celebration, or for comfort. What about eating to live?

Have we lost sight of what food is really for? Food is for survival, to live, to be able to accomplish what we need to do in our lives.

If we start changing our thinking about food and it's real purpose, maybe we can learn to eat healthier.
If you eat to live instead of living to eat, then you can better understand what purpose food has inside your body, for your health and life.

For example, when you eat an orange you can think of it as a way of feeding your body through it's high levels of vitamin C which helps your bodies immune system fight off disease & viruses, or the fact that vitamin C helps you absorb more iron.

Once you learn this concept and apply it, then it can be applied in the opposite direction. When you consume a basket of french fries you can begin to realized the negative affect it has on your body. The fact that the grease it was fried in is actually suppressing your immune system and clogging your arteries, and eventually will make you sick.

Every bite you take will becomes a series of questions to you. How is this food going to make me healthy? Help me get through my day with the energy that I need? Fight off disease & viruses?

Try out this concept of really using food as a way of surviving, feeding your body what it needs vs. what you want.

Eat to live don't live to eat!

Happy Monday!

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