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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Big V-day. To Splurge or Not?

It's Valentine's day again, some dread this "commercial holiday" while others think it is a nice time to celebrate & remember the love they have for their significant other. Either way, Valentine's day is a day that can have many food temptations around it. Delicious dinners, rich chocolates and tempting wine is all around us on this day. Should you indulge or not on this day?

My simple response is, if this is a special day for you and you have been working hard and sticking to your clean diet, then by all means let this be your cheat day! Enjoy it!

Tomorrow you will get back to normal, no regrets, no second thoughts, no beating yourself up extra in the gym to make up for your splurge, just move on.

If this day is special and you want to celebrate it with your loved one, friends, yourself, or family, then do so!!

Happy Valentines day!!

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