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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to Basics

I get several emails asking what is a "clean food". Clean food is not a mystery, it's simple and easy to define. Clean food is REAL food.

Food in it's most purest form. Food that doesn't come in a box, minimally processed and a natural whole food.
I know what kind of world we live in now. It's fast paced, easily accessible, quick, easy and convenient. I don't expect that absolutely nothing at all comes in a box, but I do think we have to be more aware of what exactly we put into our bodies.

Read the ingredient label (if there is one) and make sure you can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients in your food. The less ingredients, the better. The less processed the ingredients, the better.

Examples of clean foods; seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits, organic meats, and organic milk.

The cleaner the food, the better for your body.

Happy Sunday!

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