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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Question and Answer

Q: Which is better: A nutrition coach or personal trainer?

A: If you get a good, knowledgeable person, who is educated and has your best interest in mind, then either one will do. If your needs are specifically fitness related then a personal trainer might be better. If your needs are specifically nutrition/diet related then a nutrition coach might be the better choice.

It's the person you choose not their profession. I say that because a knowledgeable personal trainer also knows a lot about nutrition and can usually guide you in that area as well as fitness, and a well educated, knowledgeable nutrition coach can usually guide you on your fitness journey. You need to know that they will follow up with you, call you, be there for you, and hold you accountable. If they only time you talk to your personal trainer is in the gym, and you feel that is enough support for your needs, then great. However if you need an accountability coach that will be a good support everyday of the week, then you need to look further.

Find good support!

I have clients that want to talk daily, either via email, text, or phone. I make myself available, answer emails before the end of the day, and make sure needs are met. I get texts from clients when they are out at restaurants trying to make healthy choices, and they looking for advice or suggestions. As a nutrition coach that is my job, that is what I am there for, and I expect them to lean on me when they need help.

Make sure your needs are going to be met. Tell your accountability coach exactly what you need from them, make your goals very clear, and make sure to do your part too.

Happy Wednesday!

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