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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Importance of Good Health

It's been over a week since I have have had time to write. I have a close family member that is currently in the ICU at the hospital. I have had a week to really reflect on what health means to me. I have seen families in the ICU crying, holding hands, praying and worrying.

What does good health mean to you? Does it mean your thin? Beautiful? Energetic? Youthful?

I ask this because I love what I do, I love guiding people to good health. I love watching the transformations of peoples lives. For me it is ALL about health. For people who seek my help, it is usually about weight or appearance.

Being healthy, eating right, exercising and taking the correct supplements, is all about good health. The side effect of that good health is usually weight loss. The majority of people seek my help for weight not health.

What is your motivation?

People will do odd things to lose weight, take different products, over exercise, take pills, severely restrict calories and many other extreme things. Why not seek health instead?

After this week of spending time in the hospital, my goal became even more clear. I want to be healthy, really healthy. I want to continue to provide healthy food for my family, educate my children about food, nutrition and exercise. I want to dedicate my work to people who are really seeking good health.

Good health is priceless!!

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