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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Accountablity coach

Are you the only one holding yourself accountable for your weight loss, fitness and nutrition goals? Do you struggle to find motivation everyday? Do you want to 'cheat' when no one is looking?

Accountability coaches are priceless when you are striving to reach weight loss, fitness. and nutrition goals. They are the ones that will be there to motivate, inspire, ask questions, follow up, and support you.

An accountability coach can be anyone; significant other, sibling, friend, parent, nutrition coach, or personal trainer.

Make sure that the person you elect to hold you accountable, knows your short term and long term goals. Make them specific, and let them know what you need of them.

You are likely to have more success when you partner with someone on reaching your health goals.

Remember your health is your priority.

Happy Tuesday!!

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