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Saturday, September 25, 2010


I am a big football fan! I love professional football and college football. It's that time of year again and that means a lot of game day food.
What do you do about football food temptation?

If you are home the answer is easy, you make healthy food. It's easy to modify most game day foods. Pizza is easily modified into a healthier version, so is; guacamole, bean dip, nachos, potato wedges (aka: fries), and burgers. There is a healthier version of almost every single traditional game day food.

If you are out then you must choose wisely. Fill your plate with veggies (without the fat laden dips), fruit, nuts, beans, and limit your french fries, fried chicken, hot dogs, onion rings, beer, cookies, and candy.

Fill up before leaving the house to watch a game at a friends house.
Fill up on clean foods and plenty of water. You are less likely to indulge too much in the unhealthy foods if you are full and satisfied upon arrival.

Offer to bring something to the gathering, that way you are contributing and you can be assured that at least one thing there will be healthy.

Happy Football Saturday!!

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