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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exercise & Nutrition

Exercise and Nutrition, they go hand in hand. They work together in weight loss and health.

So often people try to reach their health goals by incorporating either exercise OR good nutrition into their lives. These are usually the people that can't figure out what they are doing wrong, and why they aren't getting the results they desire.

Yes you can lose some weight when you incorporate exercise OR good nutrition into your life, but you will hit a plateau and not reach optimal good health without both.

To be in good health, and at a healthy weight, you will need to exercise and eat right. If one is a little harder than the other, then start with small steps towards your goal.

If eating right is hard for you to do then start with small steps:
-Switch from whole milk in your latte to non-fat or light soy
-Trade your daily soda for sparkling water sweetened w/ Stevia and 100% grape juice
-Swap your regular pasta for whole wheat pasta

If exercise is hard for you then start with small steps:
-Make a family commitment to walk 1 time around the block a 1/2 hour after dinner every night
-Ask a co-worker to walk with you on your lunch break for 20 minutes
-Use commercial breaks as a way to incorporate some exercise into your life- 1st commercial break do push-ups nonstop, 2nd commercial break do jumping jacks nonstop, 3rd commercial break do sit-ups nonstop, etc.

Make small, frequent changes in your habits if the big changes are overwhelming. The more changes you make, the better results you see, the more you will want to do.

Happy Tuesday!

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