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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Journal your food intake

Are you having problems trying to figure out where you are going wrong nutritionally?
Are you working out and still gaining weight?

Start to journal your food intake everyday for 1-2 weeks and see where you could use improvement.

Write down when you eat, what you eat, how much you are eating.. keep it as detailed as possible. Include condiments, cheese, creamer in your coffee, beverages, a bite of food here and there... everything.

It can be the little things you just don't think about, that have a big impact.
Those 2 beers you had with your meal, or the glass of wine you have every night while making dinner, the 4 tbsp of creamer in each cup of coffee, the Pepsi you drink everyday with lunch, the 3 bites of pizza your child left on their plate... it all adds up quicker than you think.

If you journal it, you can visibly see where you can cut back your calories or increase your exercise.

There are plenty of free online sites where you can journal your food intake. I personally use myfitnesspal.com when I feel like I have gone a bit off of my usual course, and need to find out what needs correction.

Keep yourself accountable!

Happy Thursday everyone!!

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