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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What motivates you to exercise?

What is it that gets you moving? Is it music on your ipod? A group exercise? A gym membership? A workout video? or is it a personal trainer?

Exercise is a lifetime commitment. You should find what motivates you to move and do that.

I workout a few different ways, one is on my treadmill. To workout on my treadmill I feel I have to have my ipod on, to keep me moving. It is just something that helps motivate me to get on and keep going until I hit my goal. I also use some workout video's that are very helpful for me in reaching my goal. I also enjoy group exercise, that as well keeps me moving, so I head up a walk/run group for moms in my local area to help me (and others) reach our goals.

Find what motivates you and you like to do, and apply it to your workout routine.

Happy exercising!!

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