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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tracking your food intake

Let's talk about tracking your food intake.
Some people get to the end of their days and cannot recall what they had for lunch, or if they snacked or how much they actually had at breakfast. Often our perception of how much we had, is off a little bit.
My advice is to get a food journal and track it. Write it down, or take pictures if you like. You can even go onto the many websites out there that allow you to keep a journal online and it will calculate the calories for you.
I will use my breakfast today as an example. I have attached a picture of what I ate, but if I were to journal it, then it would look like this:

Tuesday 3/16/10 7:00a- Breakfast
1 whole egg + 3 egg whites, 1 piece of whole wheat toast, 1 small orange, 1/3 c of sauted veggies (in my eggs), 1 tsp of salsa, 2 tbsp of shredded fat free cheese. Water and coffee.

This is useful for going back and seeing where you might be able to cut back or where you could use more food. Often people have the misconception of needing to skip meals to lose weight- BAD misconception. Tomorrow I will talk about eating more often to actually jump start your metabolism and keep it going.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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