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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tip of the day

Involve your children-

Eating healthy and balanced is not just for the dieting moms and dads out there.
Your kids need to learn good healthy habits now while they are young.
So many of us were programed early on about our food and exercise habits and we carried them into our adulthood.
Teach your kids what balanced is, and what portion size is. Teach them about moderation. Teach them and participate with them in exercise and sports activities.

Happy Monday!!


Anonymous said...

What frustrates me is when parents separate the dinners into "kid" food and "adult" food. What better way to teach children than to start young. Why can't children eat the same food, especially if it's healthy! Do you have any tips or recipes to satisfy both parties?

Positive Nutrition said...

If you start early, then really all your kids know is the healthy stuff you feed them until they get into school. If all they have known is balanced, healthy food then they will be better equipped to make good choice. I try to start with what seems like "junk food" and make a healthy version of it. For example last night was pizza night in my house, which is known to be one of the not so healthy choices. I started with a store bought, thin, whole wheat crust. Then I added, sauce, chopped zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, a few red onions, garlic, low fat mozzerella cheese, basil and olive oil drizzled on top. The kids LOVE it!! Not to mention, if you get the kids involved in making it, that just makes them so much more excited to eat what they have created. I personally think that most everything can be converted into a healthier version. You can have fun with food, get creative, think outside of the normal box.