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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dressing up water

I have written about water consumption before in this blog, but I don't think enough can be said about it. Without water, we would all die. It takes about 3 days of not having water to die from dehydration. Water is essential for life. However I know a lot of people who find "water" in other sources because they do not like the "taste" of plain water. I know people who drink soda's all day, or juice, or even sports drinks. If you avoid water all day long and find other beverages to quench your thirst, you are not ever fully hydrated.
If you do not like to drink plain water, then you can dress it up. It is best in it's purest form, but dressed up water is better than no water.
Try adding squeezed lemon wedges, slices of cucumber or even oranges, peppermint leaves, a small splash of 100% fruit juice, or even juice ice cubes (juice frozen in ice trays to make cubes).
Water is key to good health, it also aids in weight loss.

Happy Tuesday!

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