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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Working Out and Making it Count!!

Do you have those days where you are literally forcing your body through your entire workout almost with hesitation and resentment? Wanting so badly to be in bed, relaxing, folding laundry, changing a light bulb, or eating some ice cream.

As much as even I know how hard this is we all have to stop doing this!!

If we're going to make the effort to eat right, put on our workout clothes, lace up our shoes and throw our hair up out of our face, let's make it COUNT!!

Push harder than you thought you could, do an extra push up, half a mile, sit up, lunge, or whatever it is. Make it count!! Your muscles will scream to stop but your head needs to ignore.

What is it that makes you want to not do a workout? Energy, too much to do, already have your makeup and hair done for the day? Whatever it is, find the solution or just get over it and get your sweat on!!

No more half doing your workouts, you will now put 110% into every single workout!

Some tips:

-Schedule it into your day (just like an important meeting that you wouldn't dream of skipping)
-Find a workout buddy. This can be someone online or in person. Check in with this person DAILY!
-Eat right so that your workout counts. Don't spend an hour working your tail off in the gym just to blow it with your nutrition.
-Find the program that works for you. If you like the gym and can make a commitment to go, then sign up and go. If you like to workout at home while your kids nap, find a program, order it and get started.
-STOP making excuses. If you're still making excuses and find yourself a victim of your unhealthy life then you're not ready. You have to give up ALL excuses for this to work.

Make your workout tomorrow COUNT!

Happy Sunday

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