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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pills are NOT the Solution!

I try to reserve this blog for positive things, motivation, and inspiration, however I feel I must use this as a way to vent today about my frustration.

I have been in this business of helping people reach their fitness and health goals for years now and I try to let certain things roll off my back, but I just couldn't completely let this one go.

I recently had a woman contact me to ask some questions, mainly questions about meal plans and diet.

After giving her many options, ideas and suggestions on how she could go about starting out on her health journey, she proceeded to write me back and tell me that she had recently visited her doctor and he had informed her that she didn't necessarily have to exercise and eat "health" food, that he had a prescription pill that would help lower her blood pressure and reverse some of the damage to her arteries that is caused by years of bad habits!!

She felt after getting this news that she would do some "light stretching" once and a while, and try to incorporate A salad a couple nights a week.


Listen, there is a pill out there for EVERYTHING now a days.
Sad? There's a pill. Hyper? There's a pill. Having issues in the bedroom? There's a pill. Have you eaten poorly and not exercised in 30 years? There's a pill. Do you have an urge to move your legs from time to time (restless legs), there's a pill. Do you have pain? There's a pill. Bloated? There's a pill.

Pills are not the solution. They can help for a lot of serious ailments, but in the end it's not the overall solution to a problem.

For most things that have Americans so unhealthy these days, it's actually a matter of DIET & EXERCISE that will turn your health around. And yes, maybe a pill will help you get there ALONG with diet and exercise, but in the end you will continue with the diet and exercise and the goal would be to stop needing the pill.

Educate yourself because there are doctors out there like this particular one that don't encourage a healthy lifestyle along with the use of prescription medication. It's common sense (or so I used to think) that health wasn't wrapped up in 1 pill. It's a combination of many different things that get you healthy and keep you there!!

Happy Tuesday!

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