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Monday, May 16, 2011

Make a Choice

I had a family member that lives states away from me, call me up recently and ask me a question. She asked me if she could come out to my house and live for a month and learn to get and be healthy. Absolutely she could come here and get healthy!!

Talk about a first step!!!

Here we are a week later and she has been staying at my house since Friday and she is putting her heart and soul into this life change. That's not to say that the first 2 days weren't rough, they were. However she is doing it! She gets up with me early in the morning, she is learning to cook healthy foods, and today we did our first real exercise. We walked over a mile!! She even ran in intervals. I am so impressed and even more convinced than ever before that if you are ready and willing to make healthy choices in your life then nothing can hold you back but yourself.

She was ready, she didn't want to live her life unhealthy, in pain, & literally dying from a poor lifestyle anymore. She made the change in her life, she is the one doing the work, I am just here to teach her how.

This story was to really motivate anyone who is reading this blog and waiting, hoping, making excuses of why not, why they can't, & why they won't get healthy.

ANYONE can do it!! My family member is almost 30 and has never really exercised and has never known how to eat healthy. She made a CHOICE to get healthy!

Make a choice. Choose to make excuses or choose to change.

If you need help on your journey to good health, don't wait another day. I will work up a customized meal plan for you. Email me for details.

Happy Monday

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Dawn said...

She is so right !!!! If my husband and I are making these changes - ANYBODY can make them. Lindsey ROCKS !!!!!!! She makes it easy for you, recipes that are easy to follow (REAL food) that you can find and makes it easy for you !!!!! I promise !! My husband and I are doing it with her help !! I highly recommend her !! :)