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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Question & Answer

Good Wednesday morning!!

Time for Q & A again!

Q: How do you stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise?

A: The way I stay motivated is through books, audio, support, pictures, and referring back to my goal list.
I read a lot of books about health, nutrition, exercise, and personal growth & development. I listen to personal growth & development audios as well. I seek support in my husband mainly. If I am having a week that I am just not feeling like working out, he gives me no excuses. He will take the kids, make dinner, even mop the floor (lol) if that is what it takes to get me to exercise. I keep pictures of my goals on my computer. Much like a dream board, it is on my computer and I can refer to it often. I also look at my goals often, especially my two main goals for the year and I remember why it is I am doing what I am doing for my health.

Find what works for you, and use more than one resource to keep yourself motivated.

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Happy Wednesday!!

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