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Monday, September 6, 2010

Staying on Track with your health goals

Everyone has times when they find themselves struggling to stay on track with their health goals. Stress, temptations, events, and the things surrounding us everyday, make it an ongoing process.
I have found that balancing my time is my biggest struggle lately. Finding time to cook & eat clean, exercise, and journal my calories. I have re-prioritized and made sure that I am MAKING time for these things.

Here are some tips to make sure you are keeping your health goals a priority:

-Make sure that you have an accountability partner/coach. Find someone in your life to keep you on track. It can be your spouse, friend, mom, sister, a nutrition coach, or personal trainer. Tell this person about your goals, what they are, how they can help, or even actively participate. Ask them to call you, email you, text you, everything short of stalking you, to keep you on track!

-Stock your house with clean food! Throw out the fruity pebbles, ice cream, graham crackers, hot dogs, cheez it's, gummy bears, frozen dinners, and pretty much everything that isn't a real food. Replace with nuts, beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, yogurts, milk, and any whole, real foods. If it's not in your house then you are less likely to eat it.

-Track your food intake. I know I have said this many times, but if you are struggling to find where you are going wrong, why you are not losing weight, why you aren't feeling better, why you don't have more energy, then track your food intake. Maybe your are forgetting about those 4 sugars in your coffee, that soda at lunch, the lean cuisine for dinner, the scoop of ice cream for dessert. If you know ALL of the food you are taking in, then you can adjust it properly. Don't lie, cheat, or just 'forget' something, be honest, and really track exactly what you are eating, down to the last bite.

-Make a dream/goal board. This can be a very effective tool in reaching your health goals. Use pictures, words, books, quotes or really anything that can help motivate you and remind you of your goals. If you want to run a 5K, hike 20 miles, be able to play catch with your kids without getting tired, lose 100 pounds, wake up with energy, get off of medication, or really any health goals you may have you can put onto your board. Put it somewhere that you will see it everyday.

-Surround yourself with like-minded people. If you are surrounded with friends that have good health goals, are working towards those goals then you will have a healthy network of positive people who will inspire and motivate you and not tempt you or discourage you away from your own healthy goals.

Remember that everyone has set backs. Don't get discouraged, find motivation, ask for help and remember your ultimate goal of living a healthier life.

Happy Monday!!

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