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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Choices

What motivates you to make good food choices?

When you're at home, what motivates you to choose the apple over the brownies? Is it the desire to look better in your clothes? To feel better about yourself?

When you're out at a restaurant, what makes you choose salad over french fries? Is it your desire to have a better quality of life? Is it the need to have more energy?

We make food choices every single day. Our food choices make a huge difference in our lives. It may not seem like it at that moment, but they shape who we are and what we ultimately want out of life.

We don't take our choices very seriously in the way we disregard our health and the health of those around us (like our children).

Keep in mind that the choices you do make about food in front of your children, does affect them.

If you want to get healthy and stay healthy you really need to think about food as a way of life, a lifestyle. So often we get wrapped up in our appearance instead of our health. Does being healthy and making good food choices usually alter our weight? Yes it does. Make your health your main motivator, not your weight.

Find what really motivates you, what you want to accomplish and why, and remember those things when faced with a choice.

Tomorrow is question and answer Wednesday, remember to email me your questions!

Happy Tuesday!

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