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Friday, August 20, 2010


The concern of eliminated desserts is a real one that many people have when they come to me for help. People enjoy their last meal/snack of the day, the one following dinner.

For those of you eating 6 times a day like myself, there is a meal/snack following dinner. It's usually around 150-200 calories. Many people enjoy sweets at this time and sugary treats can add up quickly and usually be more than 200 calories.
There are many options for your sweet tooth. You can have a small bowl of cream of wheat w/ stevia on top, vita-muffins or vita-top (http://www.vitalicious.com/), fresh fruit, healthy baked goods, Shakeology (myshakeology.com/nutritionmom), and many other healthy options.

Finding different ways to prepare your favorite baked goods, is key to a healthy lifestyle and satisfying those cravings. I love to bake and do it quite often, and I have learned that using things like Agave nectar, Stevia, and applesauce as sweeteners instead of refined sugar are a great tasting, healthy alternatives.

Don't use this last snack of the day as a diet blowing snack. It can satisfy you, be healthy and help cure your cravings for the unhealthy foods.

If you need more ideas or need more information about the things listed here today, feel free to contact me.

Have a great weekend!

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