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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am a firm believer that if you have the time to complain about something, then you have the time to change that something.
I am surrounded with complaints all day. 'I am overweight', I can't workout, it hurts my back, my legs, my knees..., 'I can't eat right because it costs too much', 'I have to take so many medications because of my high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes',...and I could continue all day long. Often these are the same people who will make these complaints in between bites of donuts, followed by their whole milk,full sugar, whip cream lattes.

I know this all may seem almost mean, but it's really not. We are so danced around like delicate flowers by doctors, nutritionist, nurses, chiropractors, and many other people in the 'health care' field.
It is very rare that a doctor will tell an overweight patient to lose 50 pounds and completely change their diet, exercise habits, take supplements and consume large amounts of water. Instead patients are often told that their weight isn't the issue for there symptoms, it's instead just a 'genetic' or 'coincidental' problem, that medication will be sure to fix. If that dose doesn't fix it then they can either increase the dose or try a different drug.

The thing with me and complaints is that, in less you are actively working to solve the real problem then complaints are wasted time. I think that filling your life with positive, active, happy, well rounded people is a good start. Find a health practitioner that will give it to you straight and find a way to help you change what bothers you and lessens your quality of life.

If you are someone that finds themselves complaining more than they are actually working towards the goal of good health, then start your life over now. Throw out the complaints, the negative thoughts, guilt, diet stress, and worries. Find positive support and say goodbye to the people holding you back and helping feed your negativity.

Happy Tuesday!

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