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Monday, June 7, 2010

Get your kids involved- healthy habits

I recently went to a local park with my 9 year old daughter and one of her friends and as I sat on the bench near the playground I noticed families gathered on the picnic benches and tables around me. I first observed the food they were eating. It wasn't BBQ weather so everyone that I saw eating that day at the park were all eating some sort of fast food/take out. There were small pizza's from a local pizza place with large sodas, Taco Bell with large sodas, and fried chicken from the store with gatorades. Then I looked around and saw the kids sitting down enjoying dinner with their families. These innocent children were eating the food that their parents provided for them. I realized that out of the 13 kids (besides my daughter & her friend) at the park that day, 9 of them were clearly overweight or obese.
I do not think that young children are to blame for their health being jeopardized because of their weight. Kids do not buy the food or prepare the food.

I think that a lot of American adults are mislead by food labels and advertising. However, when your child is clearly overweight or obese, then that has to signal to them that something is wrong with the food choices they are making for their children.

Remember that you are the example for your children. If you model calorie restrictive yo-yo dieting-then that is what they were learn. If you model poor eating habits-then that is what they will learn. If you model a healthy balanced good portion size diet with plenty of physical fitness-then that is what they will learn.

My kids eat what I prepare, because they know I am not making a seperate meal for them because of pickiness. They know that the snacks in the house are all healthy, whole food snacks, they know that I will workout everyday and also take a good long walk with them after dinner because it is good for our bodies.

It's never to late to be a good healthy example for your kids!

I have decided since my kids love to workout along side of me that I would get them their own workout video as well.
Any readers out there that have kids- this is a great workout video for kids!!
To order: nutritionmomfitness.com

The Insanity Challenge starts a week from today and I couldn't be more excited for this challenge. My Insanity DVD's are expected to arrive tomorrow and I don't think I can wait to at least take a peak at the first workout. I am anticipating this more than I anticipated the arrival of my P90X DVD's!

Remember that even if you don't workout at home with your children, that they need AT LEAST 60 minutes of physical exercise each and every day.

Happy Monday!

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