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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To-do Lists

Prioritizing your day, your life, your week, your schedule, your workload and anything else you need to prioritize is important to staying motivated and on task.

Making a to-do list every single day, is a great way to visualize what actually needs to get done that day.

I make a to-do list every morning as a way of mapping out my day, and sometimes I realize what needs to get done and what doesn't need to get done that day.
I don't always cross everything off my list that day, but I try very hard to get to everything. The days that I have forgotten or haven't had a chance to make my to-do list are the days I find myself easily distracted and those are also the days I look back and think "what did I do today?"

Try making a to-do list everyday for a week. Make it as detailed as you would like; including things like "do laundry", "put laundry away", "pay cell phone bill", "walk dog", "prepare dinner", "finish budgeting project at work", "workout", grocery shop"... the list can be whatever you would like to make it. I can almost guarantee that you will feel really good at the end of the day when you look at a checked off list of things you accomplished during the day.

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