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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weight loss

Almost everyone has been, will be, or is, on a diet for weight loss or weight management.
I was asked by a close friend recently, if I share my personal weight loss story with those I am working with? Often I do share my own personal weight loss journey with others. It is a way of letting people know, that I have been there too. My personal weight loss story is going to be featured in an upcoming article on a fitness website. When writing my story, and finding old pictures, it brought back a lot of memories of what my health used to be like at one point in my life. I am lucky enough to have had a great doctor at the time, to really sit down with me and let me know what I was doing to my body, and what long term effects I would have, as a result of me being overweight.
It is never too late to get your weight and your life under control. If you have tried and failed several times at diets, then find someone to support you on your quest to live a healthier life. Ask your significant other, friend, parent, sister, doctor, personal trainer, or nutrition coach. The more support, the better!

Happy Wednesday!!

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