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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moderation Moderation Moderation

Moderation is key to losing weight and feeling good.
If you are trying to eat healthy, and exercise. You have been doing all that you are supposed to, but then you walk by that girl scout, holding a box of your favorite cookies...begging you to buy a box... what do you do?
If it is something you feel you must have, then don't deny yourself it.
MODERATION- Buy that box of thin mints, look at the side panel for what the serving size is, let's say it's 4 cookies at 150 calories, let that be your dessert tonight. Then move on... don't feel bad or beat yourself up. One serving once a week is not a bad thing at all. I say to try to keep your last snack of the day a healthy one and within 150-200 calories (depending on what you ate throughout the day).
If you are a person that is too tempted to keep your favorite thing in the house, in fear of it becoming a habit every night, then give them away, take them to work for co-workers, send some in your kids' lunch boxes, or if you must then throw them out.
I typically have a craving or two a month that I just must satisfy, I buy whatever the item is, eat a serving, then let my husband and kids eat the rest over the course of the week.
Don't completely deprive yourself of treats.

Happy Thursday!

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